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Artist Feature | Carol Kuntjoro

September 22, 2017


Meet Carol Kuntjoro, a fine art wedding and potrait photographer who sees the world differently. Named as one of the most inspiring female photographer in Indonesia, and she is here to share with us all about herself. 


You can take a closer look of her amazing works on her instagram @carolkuntjoro 



1. Tell us about yourself Carol?


So first, I'm a mom. I know people said don't put your life on someone or something , but I decided to put my whole life in raising my son. He's my whole life and I know I'm not the only one.
Second, I'm an observer. I love to observe things, especially when it comes to the word life and love. I spent my whole life to learn how people see things, I learned how to life and how to love and it's my fuel to go on.

2. What made you decide to get into photography? And film photography specifically?


Photography has been my kind of therapy since childhood. Framing the world and made it into a new reality made me feel better about myself. And film photography, specifically, because it trained me to take a break for myself.
About 10 to 7 years ago before deciding to be a wedding photographer, I used to be an analog camera collector. I collected old cameras from everywhere and tried them one by one. Money I got from my family business and my own business always flow to the same place, on film market.
It's like a relaxation every time I have to wait and think before pressing the shutter. I can be in a deep state of finding peace during the process.
But deciding to be a professional photographer 6 years ago because, I'm kinda sick of doing businesses. Sick of work for money, and not for myself. I was tired mentally , and decided to leave them behind and just do the things I love, which is observing love and live, and doing photography.

3. How does your clients feels about you using film for your photography?


Some of them didn't know the differences yet, honestly. They just love the pictures, the experience and they joy they got from the sessions. But those who really understand photography and ordered film, they said it's because I'm using 120mm and the dimensions is really something to be appreciated for. And well, they also knew the risk of it.


4. Can you describe your process from shooting film till production? 


So firstly, I have to decide what film to use based on the locations and the color palettes of the mood. On the sessions, my manager will help me to load the film. I used only two magazines and one film back. And after the sessions, I packed them up in the box (haha yes, in the film box, not in the ziplock like everybody else. Why? Just because I love it to be neat. Nothing more) and sent them to Artisan Labs in Jakarta using the one day service.
If I knew I did something wrong with the metering or else during the sessions, sometimes due to the light change, mixed light, expiry dates, etc, I will inform the lab beforehand so they won't be surprised and will do the other step to repair it.


5. Where do you find your creative inspirations? What is your current project?


I found them everywhere, but mostly in my son's eyes. That's also answered the next question about my current project. I'm now spending my time accompanying my son hunts some pics using film and learned a lot about how a toddler sees the world. Even the smallest and the ugliest thing could be their center of attention!
We'll make a book filled with his pictures for a charity program to celebrate his 5th birthday soon.


6. What are the current cameras in your bag? Tell us which one is your fav and why?


For analog, I'm using the common camera Contax 645 with 80mm lens, and leica m6 with 35mm lens.
For digital back up, I'm using Leica M10 with Noctilux.

7. Your favorite film stocks and why?


Ektar 100! It's vivid, high contrast, amazing skin tone, and also suits my need to take slow speed pictures outdoor.

8. What do you like best about doing potraits and wedding photography? How do you get your clients so emotionally involved in your shoot? 


I like it best for the personal touch, for the mixture of their stories, my stories, and the wonderful inventions of the old guys back then-cameras.
Since photography is my kind of therapy, I also used it as a therapy for my clients. For portraits, I will make them to love themselves more by taking pictures of the parts of their body that they've never realized it's a uniqueness and embracing their personal stories in the pictures.
For weddings and families, the goal is to make them feel grateful about having each other, about being loved by each other, and opening the gates to infinite possibilities of beautiful connections.


9. We know that your workshops for 2017 is over, do you have any workshop scheduled for 2018?


Yes, 2017 was so tight! The tour was amazing and I met so many awesome people around the world who joined my class and be inspired together with me. For this year, I'm still doing some private mentoring for awesome artists around Asia who came to Bali.
2018 is going to be amazing! I will reduce the number of the workshop and back shooting weddings. But each workshop will be more personal and intense. Gonna announce the schedule earlier next year!


10. Last but not least, what advices would you give to another photographers who are starting into film photography?


Spare some budget on doing this, and spent it every month. Not more, not less, so you can feel free without being afraid of spending too much. Once it touched the monthly limit, you just stop and wait for next month.
Stay childish!
Set your walls down and start exploring like a lil child. See infinite possibilities in everything, and stay hungry. Get the inspiration from everyone, everywhere!
Wishing you the best of luck for your journey!


With love,



















































































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