Paypal (USD) Pricing Guide


International service developing, scanning and editing.

From usd 11

Other Services

Rush service is available upon request. Just tick the box in the order form.
Push process is only available in B&W process

push from usd 1

For international order ( outside Indonesia ) please contact us to get the shipping guide.


What is premiere / international service?

International service is the same as premiere service.
Premiere service includes developing , in-scanner adjusments and third party application editing for each image.

How big is the size of the results?

135 mm
Basic: 2035 x 3035
Premiere: 3047 x 4547

Basic: 3035 x 3035
Premiere: 4760 x 4760

Basic: 2035 x 3035
Premiere: 3647 x 5444

Basic: 2285 x 3035
Premiere: 3647 x 4847

Basic: 2435 x 3035
Premiere: 3647 x 4574

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 7 days. If you choose to have the rush order service, you will receive the gallery link within maximum 3 days

Do you do push processing?

Yes we do, but for the mean time we only can do push processing in BW processing.
We will keep you updated when we're ready to push your C41 too!

How do i ship my negatives to you?

For international orders you can send it via EMS. Please specify that the package content are film negatives to be processed. It may take some time for the package to clear out from customs but it's best to contact us through our email before you send out your rolls, and we will be guiding you on how to ship it out the most efficiently. Don’t forget to send the order form along with the films for smoother and faster custom process.

For local orders, you can have it shipped by your preferred shipping options like JNE, TIKI, J&T, Go-Jek etc.
Our address is on the Order Form.